Jetts Store has been located in Anthony, Kansas since 1912. 

Specializing in  Mens, Women & Children Clothes - Shoes - Accessories
Merle Norman® Cosmetics - Tux Rental  

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As you may have seen in the Shopping Anthony paper we're celebrating our independent businesses of Anthony! If you get a chance to check out the stories about your favorite businesses you should! As part of the celebration we're giving you the opportunity to recognize your favorite local business. Fill out the ballot, found in shopping Anthony, The Anthony Republican, in stores, or print the form attached. All entry's must be returned to the Anthony Chamber Office at 227 W Main Street or mailed to PO Box 354 Anthony Ks 67003.

There can be one entry submitted per person. The winning business will receive special recognition from the chamber. There's also a chance for you to win! All submitted entries will be put into a drawing, entire form must be filled out. The winner of the drawing will win $100.00 in Anthony bucks! So be sure to vote! Show your support for your favorite Anthony business and get your name entered in the drawing! The contest is open to ANYONE who shops Anthony so forward this on to any friends you think might not know! Thank You! Jetts

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Your favorite Anthony Business

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Why do you like shopping Anthony, or what is a special memory you have?

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Kids - Jr. - Missy - Plus - Men's Clothes - Shoes - Accessories
JETTS 100 Years
Serving South Central Kansas

Through the years, many generations have placed their trust in JETTS

for your loyalty and confidence.
It is our goal to continue to be a fashion leader
in South Central Kansas and to always bring
you - our customers - the best in service and in quality

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Merle Norman® Cosmetic Studios have been independently owned and operated since 1931. JETTS has offered Merle Norman® since 1997

We now offer Tuxedo's from Jim's Formal Wear, America's most trusted
Tuxedo Source for all occasions!

Shop at JETTS/Merle Norman®
102 West Main
Anthony, Kansas

(620) 842-5159
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(M - F) 9:30 - 6:00
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